Hi, I'm Meredith. I am a UX writer who thinks strategically, creatively, and colloboratively.

Here's a little bit about me and the work I love to do.

A few of my favorite writing projects.

All good user experiences start with user research: asking the right questions, listening, and taking that data and studying it.

Here's a quick visual of my process.

"5 Ways the War in Ukraine is Influencing Brand Marketing Strategy"

I help people write their blogs. This one was easy to write because one of their core values is empathy. They got it right with this blog.

"Cutting Edge Healthcare Services Aimed at Controlling Costs" 

I am the crazy person who enjoys finding legitimate resources to communicate ideas effectively. It's like being in college again, writing research papers, except they're called white papers.

I can do my own thing, but I also like working with groups. Two other writers and I had to make location-specific blogs for three different topics--each blog needed to contain the same information while at the same time never repeating what we already wrote. It was a big puzzle we all put together.