Hi, I'm Meredith. I'm a UX researcher: which means I'm an empath who loves evaluative & generative research, data analysis, and solving people problems that have an impact on business outcomes.

Modernizing the face of US agriculture and increasing the efficiency of the user experience. 

Who wouldn't want all of your messages from apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, all in one place? We made an app for that.

Helping people, help people! Strategically developed a user flow to get a non-profit more financial engagement.

Basing project development on real research and data to give consumers exactly what they need in a solo travel app.

What my people say about how I work:

  • Engage in collaborative or individual brainstorming to understand the problem that needs to be answered. Making sure the need is both narrowed down appropriately as well as expanded to a breadth that will extract the data needed to make intentional decisions.
  • Develop questions that encourage both dialogue and excellent data for research including interviews, surveys, and strategic direction.
  • Create a safe space for research interviews, organizing the transcripts, and pulling the most effective information from the interviews.
  • Brainstorm with a team to explore all ideas to narrow down the most strategic and effective projects to develop to get the best ROI.
  • Keep a project on schedule and navigate and organize the creative process while leaving room for new information and switching directions quickly based on better data.
  • Mediate conversations between marketing, engineers, and stakeholders to advocate for the user experience and come to solutions that benefit both the clients and the company.

      Other projects I loved working on:

      All good user experiences start with user research: asking the right questions, listening, and taking that data and studying it.

      Here's a quick visual of my process.

      "5 Ways the War in Ukraine is Influencing Brand Marketing Strategy"

      I help people write their blogs. This one was easy to write because one of their core values is empathy. They got it right with this blog.

      "Cutting Edge Healthcare Services Aimed at Controlling Costs" 

      I am the crazy person who enjoys finding legitimate resources to communicate ideas effectively. It's like being in college again, writing research papers, except they're called white papers.

      I enjoy solo work, but I also love the energy that comes from working with groups. Two other writers and I had to make location-specific blogs for three different topics--each blog needed to contain the same information but never repeat ourselves. It was a big puzzle we all put together.