UX/UI content strategy energizes me.

Journey On web presence redesign

A member of our team had been working with the Street Outreach program for Journey On. He saw a need to use their website more effectively to communicate their values of engaging unsheltered individuals. With that in my mind, it was clear that a re-designed homepage had the potential to spread its ideals to a broader community and create a home base for individuals and businesses to get information about how to regularly engage time, resources, and money into Journey On's mission.

ChatBox mobile app prototype

A group of my peers came together to create an app that we felt was a universal need. We brainstormed, used a Google Survey, conducted user interviews, and built an empathy map and user journey. Eventually, we created a low-fidelity prototype in Figma and tested it. After doing user tests with our prototype, we came back and created a broader prototype, ready for a designer to add in a little color.

Travelone app research

I was tasked with researching a specific user group for a travel app--solo travelers. I created a proto persona, conducted user research, and developed an affinity diagram, empathy map, and user persona. I created a feature prioritization matrix, a value proposition canvas, a user scenario and storyboard, and a potential user journey map using this information.

Reinhardt MFA program's desktop webpage redesign

As a student of the MFA program, I was tasked with editing and redesigning the MFA webpage starting with the George Scarbrough archives and the James Dickey Review. Attached are my handwritten notes, my hand-drawn sketches, and my user-journey wireframe for the entire MFA website.